A California company has filed a patent lawsuit against another company, alleging that the company used three of their patented technologies illegally.

CA Technologies is suing AppDynamics for patent infringement, saying that they will continue litigation to protect their intellectual property. The patent infringement lawsuit is seeking damages for lost profits and legal costs. They also filed for an injunction against AppDynamics for any further use of their patented products or technology.

The case stems back to when CA Technologies obtained the patents from Wily Technology back in 2006. CA Technologies said that the founder of AppDynamics used to work for Wily Technology and was actually the original assignee for one of the patents. They also said that he had input on the design of the other two patents AppDynamics is accused of using despite the patent by CA Technologies.

While CA Technologies claims that the founder of AppDynamics is illegally using their patented technology in their own products, a spokesperson for AppDynamics said that they do not believe they have violated any patent infringement laws.

This case is an example of the legal action that can be taken against a company suspected of patent infringement. Companies have the right to protect their ideas and products and lawsuits can be filed against other companies that try to use your patented products as their own.

Filing a patent infringement lawsuit can be complicated so it is best for companies to consult a business law attorney to understand the legal process of filing a lawsuit as well as the impact the lawsuit may have on their company.

Source: PC World, "CA Technologies sues AppDynamics for patent pilfering," Joab Jackson, April 10, 2013