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May 3, 2016

NLR Ruling Adjustments: How We Are Protecting Ourselves at PLAYLive

The National Labor Relations Board ruling labeling McDonald’s as a joint employer triggered a wave of concern in the franchising world. It took a step in the wrong direction for franchisors. While McDonald’s continues to fight the ruling, the precedence still stands. The McDonald’s corporation can be held liable as a co-employer.


April 18, 2016

PLAYLive Lesson: Vetting Franchisees

The key to building a prosperous franchise is to place quality franchisees at the helm of your business. As a long-time franchise lawyer and part franchise owner, I cannot stress enough how essential this is for long-term franchise success. As we continue to grow PLAYLive, we have been continuously refining how we attract and screen potential franchisees.