Lawsuit over counterfeit Hunger Games merchandise sold online

December 24, 2012

The entertainment studio that brought us Hunger Games appears to be taking some cues from the competition on screen.

Lionsgate Studio has filed a lawsuit to protect the sale and distribution of their famous "Mockingjay Pin" symbol.

Lionsgate Studio filed a copyright and trademark lawsuit against a company for allegedly selling counterfeit "Mockingjay Pin" emblems without the studio's permission. Lionsgate said that the symbol has become a major part of the Hunger Games franchise and they have already registered the logo at the Trademark Office.

According to the lawsuit, Lionsgate allows certain third-party companies the right to sell merchandise and other items with the "Mockingjay Pin" symbol on them. One of the third-party companies with rights to sell the movie's merchandise sells a replica of the symbol in the movie. The company being sued also tried to sell the replica pin but they were refused by the third-party company.

Despite not gaining the rights to sell the replica pin, the company allegedly started selling counterfeit merchandise online on websites including Once Lionsgate learned that these items were being sold online, they filed the lawsuit.

Lionsgate is asking for an injunction against the company, to recall the counterfeit items, provide a list of manufactures the company works with and monetary damages, according to the court documents.

This lawsuit is an example of the ways copyright and trademark laws may be violated and what legal action can be taken. It is important for businesses to understand how their brand can be impacted by copyright or trademark infringement. For a company to fully understand their rights and what legal action can be taken to protect their company they should consult a business law attorney for specific information.

Source: Hollywood Reporter, "Lionsgate Sues to Protect Cherished 'Hunger Games' Emblem," Eriq Gardner, Dec. 19, 2012