More veterans turning to franchising after military career

December 5, 2012

Franchises have become more popular among veterans in the U.S. during the last few years.

Veterans have continued to be successful entrepreneurs but many have also started to transition to franchising as a successful career option after their military career ends.

Why has franchising become so popular among veterans? One reason may be the success of home inspection franchises run by military veterans. The largest home inspection franchisor, Pillar to Post Professional Home Inspection, has been named to the Franchise Business Review's Top 100 Franchises for Veterans for the second consecutive year.

The success of this home inspection franchise is an example of how veterans have taken advantage of the highly successful opportunity owning or running a franchise offers.

The Franchise Business Review said that the home inspection franchise has been successful among veterans because they encouraged veterans to become franchisees by offering in-house financing, fee discounts and other benefits. In addition, the veteran franchise has been successful because they have a solid work structure that offers professional training practices.

The success veterans have had with this home inspection franchise company is just an example of the ways all individuals can be successful. Many people want to start their own company but there are several challenges that make launching your own business very difficult, and at times, impossible.

While franchising may have some of the same challenges as starting your own business, the franchising industry has been outperforming the small business sector in recent years so more people have gained interest in franchises.

Individuals who are interested in becoming a franchisee should work with a business law attorney to discuss the legal aspects and challenges they may face. Understanding all aspects of the franchise industry will create a better path for franchising success.

Source: Gaebler, "Home Inspection Franchising Gains Momentum With Veterans," Nov. 14, 2012