NetJets filed a lawsuit against Landmark Aviation and Signature Flight Support in April.

The lawsuit was prompted by one of the chain's facilities in San Diego for not providing fuel at NetJets' discounted rate to a Support Services client. The lawsuit is a move to try to make the two chains provide fuel discounts to clients, even if they aren't part of the company's fully managed fleet. The service providers, however, state that the clients are not eligible for the discounted pricing.

NetJets reportedly introduced its Support Services in October 2012 at its NBAA Convention. In its launch, it stated that the support services program would provide aircraft owners services with discounted prices from NetJets and its subsidiaries. NetJets warned Landmark that refusing to provide clients with discounted prices could be considered a breach in their business litigation contract. NetJets went on to request that Landmark provide them with a written statement that they would not deny discounted prices to further clients.

Landmark responded that it would not provide discounted fuel to NetJets' corporate flight department at any location. They claimed that the Support Services program appeared to merely be an effort by NetJets to sell Landmark's discount pricing to aircraft owners for whom the services do little else. However, NetJets argues that its agreement with Landmark states that Landmark will provide discounted rates to NetJets' entire fleet and clientele.

Until the hearings for the cases begin, the FBOs seem to be operating under court orders that require them to provide fuel to the NetJets' fleet as well as its Support Services clients. The court prohibited Landmark from denying fuel to NetJets' existing clientele. Signature must offer contract fuel rates to the Support Services customers. Business and commercial lawyers might prove useful to the companies in their litigations.

Source: Aviation International News, " Landmark and Signature Prepare for NetJets Dispute", Curt Epstein, June 01, 2013