A new California business can move forward with its unique business plan after receiving approval from the Temecula Planning Commission.

The business is called Canvas and Cabernet and it will allow patrons to paint and take painting lessons, all while enjoying a glass of wine or beer.

Some on the commission had expressed concerns about the newly formed corporation because it could set a precedent for allowing alcohol-serving establishments outside of Old Town Temecula, which has traditionally been the only area in town where new liquor licenses have been approved. However, the new store's owner effectively presented her model to the commission and satisfied their concerns to win approval. One councilman said that he didn't believe the business would be used as a bar because there are less expensive options nearby.

The store will offer classes in the evening in which students can learn to paint in a variety of styles. Those classes will last two-and-half hours and cost $36 per person. At the end of the class, students will have a painting to take home. During the day, the business will offer "free painting" at which customers may sit at a canvas, paint whatever they like and enjoy a beer or glass of wine while doing so. This will cost $25.

Obtaining a liquor license approval can sometimes be a complex process for a new business. However, even businesses that aren't serving alcohol may need to obtain permits, city approvals and meet local and state regulations. The business formation process can be complicated. New business owners may benefit from meeting with an experienced business attorney who can walk them through the formation process step-by-step.

Source: UTSandiego.com, "New business combines painting and sips of wine", Aaron Claverie, May 12, 2013