The benefits of trademarking a slogan

March 5, 2013

Businesses often benefit from having a slogan associated with their business.

Slogans can come in all shapes and sizes but one of the most important aspects of having a slogan is trademarking that slogan so only your business can benefit from using it.

Having a slogan for your business can help in several ways and it is not difficult to have your own slogan. In fact, if a business has already been using a slogan and it is associated with their business, the slogan can become legally linked to that business without it even being registered. However, the benefits of registering your business slogan as a trademark can help your business now and in the future.

A recent article in Forbes wrote about the sports industry using slogans and linking them to specific sports or shows without actually registering the slogan for a trademark. While having a slogan is great for business, it is still important to trademark that slogan in the event someone else or another company starts using your slogan for their own benefit.

Filing the paperwork to trademark and own the intellectual rights to a phrase or slogan for your business is not difficult. Companies that have already established their slogan can apply for a trademark will then have the rights to that slogan. This can be very beneficial if someone starts using your slogan after you have, which could negatively impact your business and your customers' view of your business.

Businesses interested in trademarking a slogan or businesses who have already trademarked a slogan and want to pursue legal action against someone for using their slogan should consult a business law attorney to discuss what options to take.

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